Models and Projects


 We would like to congratulate the students on the success of their models which are displayed in the 3/4 foyer. Overall, they showed an ability to set an achievable target, organise their materials, and use their time effectively to complete their models. Students have completed a self evaluation, and have shown honesty and objectivity in assessing what they did well, and what they would improve next time. Well done Year 3!

The next challenge is to complete a project that presents some information about an aspect of our Study Tour. One project looks at Echuca from its early settlement to the current time. Another examines native flora and fauna and the third looks at dairy farming in Australia. Through their recent experience with planning and presenting a written project, children are well equipped to work through the process, with guidance from the teachers where necessary. They are all off to a good start and we look forward to seeing the completed projects.

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